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Look what just showed up in my newsfeed. Instead, they relied on a strong sense of direction, with very little compromise, which maintained a sense of coherence and a very well-integrated environment. Putting this guy in charge is like asking Pamela Anderson to pick up where Albert Einstein has left Even better At least it tries to makes sense of something instead of ignoring the reality I just find it pathetic that the media does not nail those companies for their lack of respect for people Cooks is right of course, but the days when Mac and Windows were different, are long gone Tangerine Dream even talks about some of their tours with like 10 MacIntoshes strung up together and a couple others for backups!

Nowadays, you can see Jordan Rudess play a hand thing, and you don't even think twice Moshkito Tangerine Dream even talks about some of their tours with like 10 MacIntoshes strung up together and a couple others for backups! Huge fan of T. It was really sad to lose Edgar last January.

When macOS Catalina 10.15 Ships I Will...

It'll have to be a bio, unfortunately. I still see Mac computers everywhere in major productions and most recording studios. None of them are running any of the newest, latest OS though. While it is still manageable, what worries me and many other Mac users I speak with is that trend that we see since Cook is in charge. When I got my first Android phone a few weeks ago, it provided me with an opportunity to reacquaint myself with life outside the Apple sandbox. And there are great things to be said about it. Nevertheless, for me at least, as of right Apple has not yet crossed that threshold where the alternative will be preferable.

Not yet , because, the way things are going, I don't see how we won't go past that tipping point in a relatively near future. On the other hand, there's Logic X.

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That's one thing Apple didn't screw up - even though I can't claim that X is yet as solid as 9 was. But 9 was just phenomenal - the best piece of software I've worked with in terms of stability.

Still, X is a workhorse and Apple recently spoiled us by throwing in what was my favorite 3rd party synth before they acquired it, Alchemy. I don't see myself moving away from Logic anytime soon. TheMaartian Huge fan of T.

Should Musicians Move To A bit OS?

The book was not finished, and Bianca is trying to put the rest of the touches in it. I think she will also slim down the bad stuff with Christopher Franke, but we won't see that until it gets published. It was due "in the fall", so we should be closer to it than not, but the whole TD thing right now, is getting too messy for my tastes and I am not sure they know which way the earth revolves around Jupiter or Saturn.

And no communication, which is worse.

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How to reinstall NI libraries without re-downloading via Native Access?

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