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The beep is the usually warning sign for this, especially since it's 3. Shut Down from the Apple menu. Connect power adapter to computer and to a working power source.

On built-in keyboard, press left-side Shift-Control-Option along with power button just once. Nothing else happens.

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Three beeps means it can't find the system folder. This failure can be because the Slot Dirty,or There seems to be a CD stuck in it as well. Take it out and put it back in to check. You will need some RAM to boot, so try each stick separately if you can.

The ram is either the wrong kind, bad, or not pushed in properly. Answer questions.

Common and Easily Fixed Beeping Computer Problems

If you hear this pattern of beeping, it means that the Mac could not find any RAM installed. Either your computer's memory was removed or something is interfering with the system checkup.

This indicates that the Mac found RAM installed, but the memory failed to pass the data integrity check. This only happens on computers manufactured before Newer models recover automatically from a corrupted ROM.

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When this occurs, a progress bar appears on the screen during ROM recovery mode. While on this mode, you should not shut down or disturb the computer in any way until it completes the OS X boot.

You can also cause your Mac to produce tones, usually with certain key combinations. These key combinations will initiate some operation upon start-up.

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These are a few of those combinations:. These are some of the commands available at the start up and they will also produce unique sounds too.