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A small modification to the installer has been found an effective work-around see reference. Another widespread problem reported after SP1 is that Office files will no longer open in Office applications when opened double-clicked from the Mac OS X Finder or launched from other applications such as an email attachment.

The trigger for this problem is that Microsoft in SP1 unilaterally and without warning deprecated certain older Mac OS 'Type' codes such as "WDBN" that some files may have, either because they are simply very old, or because some applications assign the older Type code when saving them to the disk. Users have seen the problem affect even relatively new Type codes, however, such as 'W6BN'. Microsoft is apparently looking into the problem, but it is unclear if they will reinstate the older Type codes, citing security concerns.

Another problem with cross-platform compatibility is that images inserted into any Office application by using either cut and paste or drag and drop result in a file that does not display the inserted graphic when viewed on a Windows machine. A user presented one solution as far back as December A further example of the lack of feature parity is the track changes function.

Whereas users of Word or for Windows are able to choose freely between showing their changes in-line or as balloons in the right-hand margin, [21] [22] choosing the former option in Word or Word for Mac OS also turns off all comment balloons; comments in this case are visible only in the Reviewing Pane or as popup boxes i. The toolbox found in Office also has problems when the OS X feature Spaces is used: switching from one Space to another will cause elements of the Toolbox to get trapped on one Space until the Toolbox is closed and reopened.

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The only remedy for this problem is to currently disable Spaces, or at least refrain from using it whilst working in Office Apple has been informed of the problem, according to Microsoft. In addition, there is no support for right to left and bidirectional languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. Languages such as Thai are similarly not supported, although installing fonts can sometimes allow documents written in these languages to be displayed.

At the same time, Office applications are not integrated with the proofing tools native to Mac OS X Microsoft Visio is not available for OS X.

This means that any embedded Visio diagrams in other Office documents e. Word cannot be edited in Office on the Mac. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Retrieved February 10, January 15, Retrieved January 5, January 9, Spelling is the most basic form of proofing, so the languages listed here can all be spellchecked. Grammar checking is very limited—you will only see grammar files for a few languages. MacOffice will only offer actual definitions for English; if you want definitions for any other language, you will need a third-party tool. Word includes proofing tools for more languages than Word X did, most notably Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

One possible, partial, fix: if you can download a dictionary from Aspell or elsewhere , you may be able to load it as a custom dictionary into Word. See Word Help on creating a custom dictionary and follow it exactly. Copy the words from the Aspell dictionary into a Word custom dictionary.

In this case, you probably want to set the language for the custom dictionary. Then when you tag your text as, say, Polish, Word should use the Polish custom dictionary.

Word 2011 Mac Setting Proofing Language

NOTE: Reports on this would be appreciated, preferably on the newsgroup. Using custom dictionaries to support additional languages is currently untested—the main issue is that the custom dictionary may be too large for Word to handle. You can create multiple custom dictionaries with different names to address this issue.

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Cannot use application at same time if networked. For example, if you open Word on the computer you cannot open Word on the laptop at the same time. Note this has been discontinued. The Business edition contains extras that are not included in the standard. See chart below. The Business Edition - the black packaged box -- is replacing the Standard edition. You do not need to buy the Business Edition to upgrade Entourage v12 to v This is a free upgrade. You do not need to upgrade to the Web Services Edition version 13 unless you meet the requirements.

People who have not yet upgraded to Office can get the Business Edition upgrade box, at a lower price than the full Business Edition.

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Proofing tools available in Office for Mac

It also includes the installer for Entourage Web Services Edition in the Extras DVD as an optional install for those customers who are on the latest version of Exchange. This is the same requirement that Apple Snow Leopard Exchange support requires. If you need to connect to an earlier version of Exchange Server, you will need to use Entourage SP2. There is a standalone version of Entourage that is available from some hosted Exchange Email Providers. Currently, you cannot purchase just Entourage as a standalone application. Office X, Office , Office to Office You cannot upgrade any version of Office for Mac to a newer version through a free downloadable software updater.

You can update for free any version of Office. An update includes improvements for that version.


For example, you purchased Office Since it's release, Microsoft has released several free updates. Currently there are two combo updaters available for Office Version 13x for Entourage Exchange users is available once you update to Check Mactopia f or the latest EWS updater.

Office : Any previous standard retail version of Office for Mac is eligible for the upgrade version. You will need to have it installed or have the CD to insert to show you are a registered user. Academic volume licenses vary by institution.

Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

Check to see what packages are available before buying. My understanding is the upgrade package is a "full installation" CD, where an upgrade installer will look for a prior version as a qualifying product. You can just insert the old installer CD for proof if you no longer have Office installed. This gives you the option to go back if you experience problems.

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If you use VBA you will definitely want to keep both. VBA is not included in Office Until you get Entourage fully updated, you might need to go back to your previous version and manually export your data. You can run both versions of all applications at the same time except for Entourage this exception was removed in the SP1 The Product ID will look like this: It is used to register. Write this Product ID down or take a screen snap. Always keep your CD key and install CD handy.

If you ever lose it, it is very difficult to get a replacement. I like 1Password and WebConfidential to store passwords. Links can be found on the Third Party page.

Microsoft Office SP1 for Mac - Download

You can also search Version Tracker for other password applications. It's little more than a marketing tool. It will put you on a Microsoft email list. You can sign up for the newsletter without registering.