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PHP 2, PHP 4, Of course, you can use it on the desktop as well.

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And unlike many competitors, zero-latency direct monitoring provides you with a streamlined professional recording experience. Mac OS X The unit's compact size and USB connectivity make it the perfect audio interface for when you need to capture songwriting ideas or guitar riffs on the fly. Its portability also makes it great for recording intimate live performances. Clean and in great condition. PHP 9, Elvis may be the king of rock and roll ,but your.

Item as described. Many thanx! Excellent communication. Upgraded recently and have had this guy just collecting dust. Plug and play with this simple setup and enjoy high quality recordings with minimal effort.. Condition is For parts or not working. Not Abel to test. Parts or not working condition means it may not be functioning.

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Condition see all. So it seems to me, that my "quick save" when things seem to be starting to act slow makes a bad project file??????

Once I have the bad project file, it doesn't matter how much I clean up Kevin's list the project just won't open cleanly. Update: It didn't help really. I made it a bout 20 minutes and I'm right back to the same problem. Starts to go sluggish on playback and the whole program ends up crashing.

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Update 2: Ok I have spent all day trashing preferences, trashing media cache, opening auto save projects, I even reinstalled Premiere. Nothing has worked. I made it about 20 minutes before Premeriere started going sluggish and crashed. It's been 7 days and I'm still having this problem?

How to fix FTDI driver issue on Mac and macOS

Could really use some help here, please. PPro 8.

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Don't do it. Does this problem happen to you on rendered files or unrendered files? Have you folks seen this thread? Primarily unrendered. But I have changed the GPU settings to see if it helps and that deletes the rendered files. My sequence settings are custom from the start. I have prep build sequence settings with prores as the render codec. I will continue to follow the forums but at this point I think Kevin M might have found the root of at least my problem.

The project that is giving me problems is a fairly large project and was coverted from 8. I know you should never change mid project and we did not We finished the project and 2 months later the client came back and wanted a shorter version So the converted project, in my mind, might be the problem. Glad to hear you've got it worked out. I've been spending far too much time trying to troubleshoot Adobe bugs lately.

That's wise advice about not updating software mid-project. I'm always so impatient for the new release in the hopes that it will repair the old bugs! You also may want to double check the permissions on your adobe folders. I just discovered that mine were all out of wack. I comepletely agree with you psion We never update mid-project. I'm come to realise that Adobe updates inevitably mean that you're going to have more problems than you started with.

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Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. I clean the preference files, open the project under the root user. Nothing changes. Thank you for your help. This content has been marked as final. Show 18 replies. The exact same thing happens to me, but this happens since the first release of CC Mac Pro Mid 2x2. Are you facing the same issue on the Software Only Mode?

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Are you facing this issue with a specific project or specific set of video files? Thank You Arjun. Bob Pierce. Macpro Mid 2x3. It continues as usual: Is there anybody from Adobe reading these mails? Thanks, Kevin. MacPro 2x2. Hi Aliumer, What happens if you move those components to another folder?

I'm going to see how today goes and I will report back. I give up. This is ridiculous So I gave up on 8. The User Interface was sooooo slow that I just couldn't get anything done.