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Sep 16, AM in response to anonymous4a In response to anonymous4a. Sep 16, AM. Do not use ExFat, especially for a backup, it is the least reiable file system for long term use. Best then to create the backup drive partitions both as Mac OS Extended. The first would be for making a bootable clone of your Mac partition. Disk Utility can do that. Either of the latter are much preferable because once the initial full clone is complete, either paid, full version can do incremental updates which will change only what is necessary on the cloned drive to match the source.


Disk Utility can only do the full drive every time, so you have to wait for the entire drive to be cloned, every time. Purchase Winclone. With it, you can create backups of your NTFS drive as a disk image to the Mac formatted drive, or restore it. All without ever leaving OS X.

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The second partition can then also be used to backup any other data from your Mac instead of being locked in as an NTFS partition, only good for cloning Windows from within Windows. NTFS isn't more stable. At least, not to the Mac. It's great for Windows when Windows is the OS you're in.

Sep 17, AM in response to anonymous4a In response to anonymous4a. I want to make a backup of my windows partition and mac partition on my macbook pro retina on to ONE external hard drive. The OS X clone on the external drive is bootable if you hold the option key down while booting the computer. The Winclone 3 partition on the external drive is not bootable, it's a backup only as Windows is copy protected and will invalidate itself if it ran.

There is no software that can do both parittions at the same time and be bootable or restore properly to a different sized drive or restore the RecoveryHD partition. Some have tried with some other softwares and have problems with lost drive space. Again, you can't run Windows from a external drive, it's copy protected and takes the hardware id's into that, so it's essentially worthless to use NTFS on the external WindowsBootcamp2 partition. All you need is a partition format that can handle over 4GB sized files, and exFAT is ideal and free to use.

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That is true, but unnecessary for Windows to be able to read a disk image of itself. You restore it with Winclone while booted to the Mac OS. Well, maybe not entirely unnecessary if you want to pull one, or a few files out of the backup while in Windows. In which case, I would suggest Norton Ghost. Once installed in Windows, it can create a live backup. Once done, you can open the backup and pull any files out of it you want.

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Two caveats with that, though:. Which isn't a terrible thing because you then you have an NTFS drive you can throw other data on while booted to Windows. Again, not a bad thing, just a few more steps you have to wait through. I haven't really looked at other Windows backup solutions in a while. Norton was the best one I came across in my hunt at the time. What Norton actually did was buy out the makers of Drive Image, which I still own a copy of. If you look at that older software, it's pretty obvious Norton lifted the whole thing, did a little very little tweaking and put their name on it.

Mar 20, AM in response to anonymous4a In response to anonymous4a. Now once you have installed any of these apps Mar 20, AM. Mar 20, AM in response to ds store In response to ds store. However you should also make sure all other devices, disks etc are disconnected, in case it is trying to boot from them instead of the USB. What do I do? From what I read, there may be something wrong with your Windows install disk.

Remove all devices from your computer. Try giving the Windows install disk a quick clean. If nothing works, you could always create a Windows install USB drive. Thanks Damien, I will try your recomendations.

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Yeah there seems to be quite a lot of different opinions about it. I did read one that I do not suggest. Good stuff, glad to hear you got it working. Thanks for coming back and letting us know the solution that worked for you. Hi, i installed a copy windows 7 on my macbook pro, when on windows it installed updates and therefore said the windows i was running is not genuine.

Is it possible to install windows again and stop the updates? Hi When it comes to setup your user account in windows screen, My key board and mouse is not working? I tried with diff windows same result? I installed windows7 in my macbook air it works well and good when i shut it down and switch it on again it gives a bsod and asks for a start up repair and clears all the recent installed files!

I am using Mac OS x Hello GPVajrang, part of the problem may be that you are using bootcamp version 3. Mr Damien, I need 3.

Hello, anyone can help me, last night i installed windows-7 on my macbook air When I get to the Install Windows on a Mac step my partition doesnt show up, it only shows me a mb space and my original harddrive which I dont want to overrideā€¦ Any help? Im fairly sure I partitioned my harddrive correctly because when I click on bootcamp to partition the harddrive again the gigs of space is missing. Hi ive recently installed windows 8 using bootcamp but after installing windows 8 it rebooted itself and asked to click a button to continue but my keyboard doesnt work and no matter how many buttons i click nothing happens.

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