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Sound works fine, headphones or speakers, but whenever the sound is on the light comes on. It usually turns off when the sound does but not always, or immediately. Yes, the red light you're seeing is in fact the optical audio data.

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The headphone jack output on your Macbook Pro doubles as an optical out. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Ubuntu Community Ask! Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Red light from headphone jack Macbook Pro running Ubuntu It may mutilate the red light, but will not fix the audio. This is a common software issue on Mac OS X Unfortunately there was not software hotfix ever released. The problem you are experiencing is that the computer does not recognize the "internal speakers" as an active sound component.

What this action does is reset the potentially corrupted audio prefrences. Your sound should immediately return after this action. Thank you!

Why is there a bright red light coming from my MacBook Pro's headphone jack? - Quora

Jan 29, Try the headphone plug again, this time wiggling it from side to side while it's plugged in. Repeat as needed. If no luck, take the machine in for repair under your warranty. Get a toothpick, insert it and gently turn the toothpick in a circular motion around the internal circumference of the jack until the light goes off. Jan 14, 2: Feb 10, 5: I'm really glad that the method I suggested of "blowing air in the headphone jack" worked for many people. It's a really quick and easy fix, but if it doesn't work I suggest you to contact Apple Care or nearest Store to repair or replace your unit.

Page content loaded. You probably have the problem correctly diagnosed. Try inserting a cocktail stirrer or a toothpick and jiggle it around in the audio output port and the internal speakers should come to life. There is a switch inside that has to be tripped.

Failing that, have a tech at the Apple store do it. Feb 25, 6: Thanks for the alternate solution. I have performed what you suggested and the sound will still not return. Upon resent the speakers "ding," etc.

RED Light coming from headphone jack.

Deleted the files, but the "sound icon" is still greyed out and the computer without sound. I had this problem for a while with my mac. I did some additional research and it turned out that upgrading from leopard to lion caused this problem. Usually a vigorous insertion is enough to free them, but this is relying on the chamfered edge of the jack to transfer vertical motion into a horizontal movement of the pole.

The Headphone Port: The Mac’s Achilles Heel

You could use something slimmer than your jack, and insert carefully, ensuring you don't insert it too far before applying sideways pressure directly to the poles to try to get more energy into making them move. The reason for the headphone jack not going in completely maybe due to a jammed pole. The reason for the red light being show is cause the mac is assuming that there is a Optical Digital Out connected, which will be fixed automatically once you insert the jack properly. This I know as I had faced the same issue of the Red light flashing and I had consulted and Apple Tech support and he answered this to me.

I did this the old fashioned way -- took my 3.

After doing so, some white dust came out of the port which I vacuumed up. I'm presuming something was stuck in there?

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The jack is designed for both types of connection - thru a metal wire analog mode or via an optic fibre optical mode for better performance. For me, it was a stupid silica gel ball that fell out of a silica gel packet in my laptop case. The ball can be crushed like glass and removed in pieces if it's stuck in there. I was able to crush the ball with tweezers and blow the glass dust out. I had the same problem, i had a stuck micro switch that was causing my internal speakers to stop work.

I had the same issue on my MacBook Pro 15" for a long time. The built-in speakers initially were working fine up to the point when I decided to stick my headphones in the socket. I wasn't able to do that as the jack was not going in to its full length, just like on the OP's picture above. While figuring it out I was able to put the jack briefly in a position where the headphones would play audio. As soon as I got the jack out though the socket started glowing red and the built-in speakers became off.

I tried a lot of different advices trying to clean a supposedly stuck pin in the socket but to no avail. The red light kept coming out through the lens at bottom of the socket and it was clear there is nothing stuck in there. What I did eventually was pushing a jack in there really hard while twirling it a little. Not long after I heard some crunching sounds of what I think might've been the lens. I shook it and this is what came out of the socket. I'm pretty sure it's not some kind of a candy as it is not sweet at all: It looks like pieces of what might have been the actual lens glass or some kind of intermediary glass.

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Anyway, I inserted a toothpick in the socket and tried to get all this crunchy stuff out. As I was doing that I eventually reached deeper and at some point it got unstuck. My built-in speakers went on just fine. Eventually I was able to insert the jack all the way into the socket.

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When I take it out my built-in speakers go on. I still get no sound through the actual headphones since when the jack is in, the socket lights up the red light. Probably some stuff is still there and prevents a proper contact with the jack.

Macbook Audio Fix-- No Speakers; Red Light in the Headphone Jack Problem

I'm not bothered by this much as by this time I'm used to my bluetooth headphones. Hope this helps. Cheers to Kevin Ushey for showing us what's possible: