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Considered as one of the best apps that connects PCs to Android devices. As long as both PC and Android device are online and signed into the same account simultaneously, you will be able to transfer your files. It is one of the best app to access your Android device from your PC. You will be able to transfer and receive files between your Android devices to your PC, vice versa on any network.

Additionally, you will be able to send and receive text messages, get notifications, as well as getting access to other apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram etc. Even when the screen of your Android device does not work, you can still do what you would normally do on your phone by using the web browser. Android wireless transfer is made easier with this app. You will need to connect two devices to the same router. You can also manage your files effectively with this app. Cons: the overwrite button is situated where it is easy to accidentally click on it.

Once devices are connected to each other, you will be able to see files that are available for transfer. This way, receiver can just get the files that they want without bothering the sender. With an upper transfer limit of 20Mbps, it is one of the fastest transfer apps available on Google Play. With this app, you will be able to do wireless transfer Android to Android via WiFi connection.

If you are worried about your files falling into the wrong device, you need not worry — you will need to pair two devices using either a QR code, NFC or manual key sharing. If you are on the Pro version, you will be able to customise the destination folder. Pro: easy to use, fast transfer, able to transfer multiple files, support a wide variety of file types. Developed by BitTorrent, Sync is an app that is great for those who are concerned with security.

You can be assured that your files are safe when you are doing Android to Android wireless file transfer because the app does not utilise any cloud technology. With this app, you will be able to view various folders and files so that you can visually see what you want to transfer.

One of the newest Android to Android wireless file transfer app on Google Play. It is able to transfer various files from apps to games, from PDF files to pictures. It is 30 times faster than Bluetooth making it ideal to transfer larger files.

2. Handshaker

The app is great at detecting other devices that uses the same app, so that you know who you can share files with. You will also be able to share files with multiple people with just one click.

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Pros: fast, able to transfer multiple files, one-click operation, support group sharing. You will be able to send multiple files to multiple devices — all you need to do is create a group of no more than 4 devices. You can also transfer files between multiple operating systems. Pros: free, easy to use, supports a variety of files, supports multiple platforms, extremely fast transfer. The only way I can move on is with the "guest" option. I tried inside DroidNas with "Limit access to device" setting up a name and pass with no luck.

Any ideas? Thanks for your article. I'm honestly not sure about getting the password functionality to work, or if it's still even supported at this point.

3 Easy and Safe Ways to Move Photos from Android to Mac

Deconnection and restart: same result. I haven't been able to use AFT since the update to 5. I've tried every USB cable I have too, no deal. AirDroid is my next goto on the Mac but is slow though a nice graphical interface.

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  7. AFT works great for me; however, my cell phone battery needs to be replaced after 9 months. I'm wondering whether the battery automatically gets charged when I hook my MacBook up to my SmartPhone.

    2 easy ways to connect an Android phone to a Mac computer

    I'm not sure how to avoid this, sorry. And eeek, if I use DroidNas on a public network like at my office , that means my coworkers can have access to my phone? I have Android File Transfer I used to be able to move files around, but now I can't seem to I can't drag the files into a folder on my desktop. Not sure exactly why it's called "File transfer" if I can't transfer any files. Thanks for your response. On the tablet itself I believe 8gb. But an SD card of 32 GB is added to it with only 3 movies on it of about mb each.

    If you have an SD card, it might be best to transfer larger files directly to that. Sorry I can't be more help! Hi i downloaded android file transfer on a friends mac to transfer movies over. There is a built-in limit for files: nothing over 4GB can transfer, apparently. It doesn't sound like you've hit that limit though, do you know how much room there is on the phone itself? If you're using a Sony Phone, you can also install Sony Bridge and just access your device from there.

    Also on other phones you can mount them as a Mass Storage and then the phone when connected will auto mount the memory card as a drive in Finder. Pretty basic stuff. Android File Transfer "can't connect" to my Galaxy S5 phone. Any ideas why this isn't working? For photos I use the camera upload funktion in dropbox. Works really well. I havet set a rsync script to sync the photofiles from dropbox to an other folder and then remove the files from dropbox. That way dropbox wont get flooded. Shareit from lenevo is pretty good app too.

    Supports contacts, apps, media and any type of file with wifi direct connection speeds. Dropbox is my go-to for quick file transfers, since it doesn't require a cable, and allows for more flexibility - since you can also access your files from dropbox anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.


    Nice to see that I'm not the only one who uses this little workaround for file transfers between my android and mac! I also use bluetooth if I am feeling courageous, but it's so slow.. Dropbox is really simple for this if you already have it set up, that's for sure. For longer transfers, I get out a cable.

    Another great and simple to use tool is FileDrop Just need to be on the same WiFi network and you're done. Hey, do you get any error messages? Or does it simply not show up?